Grateful Patient Campaign

Three little grains of rice, so small they were barely visible. But there it was…the cancer in my breast that would send me on a healthcare journey I wasn’t prepared for.

I think back to the day my life changed. I was sitting there in my hospital gown waiting to have my first mammogram. As a former patient, I knew I would receive exceptional care here at West Haldimand General Hospital. Our hospital is equipped with the right equipment and specially trained healthcare professionals who provide exceptional care every day.

Think back to your last visit to WHGH. Did you have an ultrasound or a mammogram? Maybe it was blood work or an X-Ray. Whatever the reason for your visit, you can be sure the equipment that was used to help treat or diagnose you, was purchased by your friends, family, and peers – our donors.

My healthcare journey has been a long one. I’ve had several different tests over the years, but never a mammogram. When I saw this machine, I took a deep breath. My heart started to race, my palms began to sweat and suddenly I thought what if they find something?

Have you ever felt that way?

Erin, the mammogram technologist was so calming. She seemed to know I was beginning to get nervous. As she helped me up to the machine, I was in awe of its purpose. This piece of equipment was going to tell my doctor whether or not I have breast cancer.

Like the mammogram machine, every piece of medical equipment at WHGH is so important.

Picture the cardiac monitor that is keeping track of every vital sign for the young girl lying there with pneumonia. Maybe it’s your daughter.

Think of the state-of-the art X-Ray machine that allows a picture to be taken of your mother’s broken hip while she stands up, making it easier and less painful for her.

These machines are here thanks to the generosity of our community and we need your help now. Please consider a gift to WHHHF today so we can continue to purchase life-changing equipment.

Think about the last time you sat in a hospital waiting room just as I did. Think about all the lives that are made better because we have the equipment to make that happen here at WHGH. We need to ensure that we continue to upgrade our medical equipment and together, our gifts, no matter the size can make a big impact.

Think of the power you have to make care even better! We can all be cared for here at home in our community, if our hospital has the equipment it needs.

As a former PSW, I had the unique experience and honour of working among caring and committed professionals, who everyday put our health care needs at the forefront. But on the day I sat in a drafty gown, waiting for a routine test, I wasn’t a healthcare practitioner, I was a patient. And I was grateful that my gifts had played some small part in making great care possible for me that day.

Please join me today, and make your gift of $25, $50 or $100. You might also consider becoming a member of our Monthly Giving Circle with $10, $15 or $25 per month.

Thank you!

Debbie Allan

Cancer Survivor and Grateful Patient

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