Trees of Caring

Dear Friends,

What would you do if you saw your child hit, dragged, and pinned underneath by an out-of-control vehicle as you were innocently walking on the sidewalk?

When this happened to four-year-old Maeve, her dad Ian, powered by fatherly instinct, pulled his daughter from underneath that car then started off running towards the Hospital with Maeve in his arms.  They were downtown near the Hagersville Farmers’ Market, not far from the Hospital.

Gloria, Maeve’s mom, did the first thing she could think to do: flag down a vehicle to take them to the hospital much faster than on foot. A passing driver stopped, Ian got in the van, clutching Maeve’s limp body in his arms, and this Good Samaritan driver wasted no time getting them to the emergency department at WHGH.

When the ER doctor and the team of nurses saw Ian bursting into the hospital, they sprang into action to save Maeve.

To save Maeve’s life, the on-call ER doctor had to only once chance to get a breathing tube into Maeve.  The procedure was critical in keeping Maeve alive, and the tube went in successfully!

With the chaos about Maeve erupting, and the Helicopter too far away to transport her to continue her life saving care. The ER Doctor joined the EMT’s in the ambulance with Maeve as they raced to McMaster Pediatric Hospital, her parents following behind in a Police Cruiser.

If you have ever wondered why donating to the hospital was important, then I want you to remember Maeve.  Your past support meant that the on-call ER doctor and all the nursing staff in our Community Hospital had the right tools to save a little girl crushed by a car.

If you agree that WHGH is important to you and your loved ones, then I need you to make your special Christmas gift to WHGH today.  Your gift you choose to make will ensure that our hospital is always ready to spring into action.

When talking to Maeve’s mom, Gloria, she told me people should “never take WHGH for granted.” Although our hospital is small, and in a rural area, it proved on that day that when a little child so close to death, arrived with no warning or time to prepare, they performed a miracle.

A highly trained doctor at McMaster told Gloria that your local ER doc hit a medical hole-in-one, once in a lifetime procedure that got the breathing tube into Maeve, so she could be transported.  If the ER Doctor had failed, Maeve likely wouldn’t be here today.

McMaster Pediatrics staff told Gloria they see miracles from small, rural hospitals like WHGH every day and your gift today will help us make sure it is always ready to make miracles happen.

You may not know this, but the provincial government does not fund the equipment needed at WHGH.  People like you are giving generously to keep our Hospital up to date with medical equipment.  People like you are ensuring our hospital can continue to provide exceptional care close to home.

This will be the second Christmas since the accident and Gloria has been keeping the whole world updated on Mighty Maeve’s healing journey.  This little fighter is learning to live her best life, going to school, and even taking swimming lessons! Maeve continues to inspire the community of Hagersville with her accomplishments.

With the Holidays approaching I asked Gloria if they had any plans to celebrate a special Christmas with Maeve. Gloria shared that she is expecting, and Maeve will get a little brother or sister for Christmas.

This has been a year unlike any other. The pandemic has put a strain on small community hospitals like ours. I hope I can count on you for a generous gift to WHGH this holiday season.

Please help us make sure our little Hospital is always ready to make miracles happen.

Yours truly,

Ray Hunsinger

Board Chair


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