About Us

Foundation Board of Directors

The following is the compliment of dedicated, community minded individuals who make up the West Haldimand Hospital and Healthcare Foundation's Board of Directors.

            Pieter_Photo_Small_2.jpg                       John_Photo_small.jpg

                Pieter Wonder - Chair                                  John Neal - Vice Chair  

           Pat_Photo_Small_2.jpg                       Marilyn_Photo_small.jpg

                       Pat Payne                                                 Marilyn Cooper



                  Karen McKellar

Winston Sardine

Simon Fraser

Gail Weatherston


           Kelly Isfan, President and CEO

Resource Personnel:


           Tom Thomson, VP of Finance

         Jean_Photo_small.jpg                           Julie_Photo_small.jpg

      Jean Waite, Manager of Development              Julie Morehouse, Administrative Assistant

Auction Committee

  • John Neal, Chair
  • John Cunha
  • Vic Cunha
  • Charlie Garvie 
  • Lynn Montague
  • Pat Payne
  • Jamie Rulli
  • Dave Sayer
  • Carol Seabourne
  • Jeff Smout
  • Pieter Wonder

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